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How do you restore or fix water damage?

Every situation is different, which means that we will have to incorporate different solutions through each situation; besides that, we typically follow the same procedure.

The Water Damage Cleanup Process typically follows five steps: 

1. An analysis of the damage and/or an action plan. 

2. Removal of flood water.

3. Treated areas are dried and dehumidified. 

4. Cleaning up and disinfecting the affected space. 

5. Begin restoration work.

Slab Leak

It is crucial that a building has a strong foundation If the foundation is weak, then the entire building will be susceptible to damage. So, if pipes below a structure's foundation leak, people can lead to a cascade of expensive problems for the building as well as its occupants. If it is your residence, then you will need to obtain the services of a professionals that can keep your family safe and protected.

There's where HANKILEVITZ & SONS INC. can help. We are always available to come in and fix these leaks.

Slab Leaks Home Restoration

You can find Hankilevitz & Sons Inc. 24/7 if there is a slab leak or if your home/building is inundated with water. We have to say this. '365 days a year' means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can be reached at weekends or on holidays contact us any time of the day, as well as late at night if you need us for emergency breakdown repairs. Water damage can inflict personal and financial damage at the most inconvenient moments. Our customers feel supported when our team of experts reach out to them. Take it easy, because if any accident happens such as water damage, then we will have no problem helping you resolve it as quickly as possible.

Burst Pipes

Pipes are a real concern. Quite common and widespread in people's homes, offices, and other buildings. When one thinks of a “bursting pipe,” it reminds one of a pipe bursting and spraying water everywhere. It is hard to notice when a pipe needs to be changed. When leaking pipes in your house become legitimate threat, its best that you call in a highly qualified company for help. 

Hankilevitz and Sons, Inc. is excellent at dealing with burst pipes, flooded basements, and other kinds of water damage.

Burst Pipes Professionals

Bursting pipes are among the most common problems of water damage that we help repair here at HANKILEVITZ & SONS INC. 

Pipes often break for several different reasons than you might suspect. It often happens due to blocked toilets or obstructed pipes, then, before you know it, they break or start leaking, which results in various losses.


Your disposal may also malfunction occasionally resulting to pipe damage. Pipes can be damaged in various ways.

Regardless of whether you have water pipes that are destroyed, we will help you repair the damage as well as deal with the aftermath.

Please call us at (305) 303-1196 Miami Fl. or (407) 409-9870 Orlando Fl. for water damage repair.

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Our company is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restorations Certification.

We also hold NORMI certification. All of our employees are highly trained, certified and dedicated to continuing their education so that they may provide industry leading service.

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