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Even a small amount of water in a home can lead to moisture and mold problem and eventually infestation. Mold can cause serious health problems such as allergies and respiratory system damage. 

At Hankilevitz & Sons we are qualified in providing mold cleanup and remediating properties. We have the industry's top training to handle mold issues in the field.

Mold infection problems on your property?


Mold is pervasive. It can grow indoors and outdoors, and it can appear on almost any surface that has been wet for 48-72 hours. Mold spores transport through air, including heating and cooling systems. At any given time, you are likely to have mold particles on your clothing and on your skin. Such mold particles can be harmless, but once they are immersed in water they can thrive and quickly form colonies that allow them to spread.

There is no such thing as molds being removed. It is impossible to avoid microscopic mold spores from everything. Even if mold spores are completely eradicated from a house, they will return through an open door or through direct contact with the outside world. The goal is to keep mold spores from growing. Mold clean-up is a process.

Mold remediation consists of breaking up and removing all colonies of mold. Air pollution control systems are cleaned, and the moisture source that allows mold to thrive is fixed.

Why Hankilevitz & Sons? 


Our certified experts have expertise in mold removal. We can quickly assess your problem by determining its level, then we can use the most effective strategy to attack the problem by eliminating the return of mold. If the mold has damaged a part of your home, we can restore it to its original state of good health.

We have experts on mold and microbes, water damage, building restoration, and structure repair. 

We understand that dealing with mold is more than removing it and that it is important to fix the root of the problem to prevent the mold from coming back.

Mold Remediation Process 

1. Inspections and Planning. 

Upon arrival, Hankilevitz and Sons will carry out an inspection of the living space and assess the extent of mold damage. We will devise a plan to deal with all the mold colonies, and to regulate the water sources that have contributed to these colonies.

2. Containment. 

Our first action is to remove mold and other contaminants from your home. We use effective methods to ensure that all mold colonies are eliminated from your home. In some instances, this may require some rebuilding and/or remodeling. Mold can grow in various parts of the house. We need to open up these areas to prevent the mold to cause more damage. 

3. Filtering. 

After we clean the mold from your home, we use cutting edge air filtration systems to clean the air in your house, and then we remove the mold spores currently present from spreading.

4. Removing mold-damaged materials. 

Mold is sometimes able to damage wood or other products in your home. To make certain the mold does not return and do not create an unsafe environment, we may need to remove and replace these damaged areas

5. Cleaning up
Our professionals use the latest techniques to clean your home and belongings, including clothing, curtains, furniture, and other items. After sanitizing and remaking them, we can assure that the entire area is clean and safe for anyone to live in there.

6. Restoring
The final step in our procedure is to repair any damage that may have occurred throughout the mold remediation phase. This includes everything from roofing to flooring, carpets, and painting. When our experts are finished, your home will look like new.

With extensive experience and training, our mold removal specialist will promptly and effectively eliminate the active mold clusters from your house, safely remediate the home to avoid future outbreaks, and then rebuild client’s homes to like-new condition. Hankilevitz and Sons to get the job done so you can safely re-enter your home with confidence that is a safe place for you and your loves ones.

normi certification logo

Our company is certified by the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors.

All of our employees are highly trained, certified and dedicated to continuing their education so that they may provide industry leading service.

Please call us at (305) 303-1196 South Fl. or (407) 409-9870 Orlando Fl. for Mold Remediation.

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