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Our alliance with Amoa Construction Corp. allows us to offer you the most efficient, resistant, durable, economical and environmentally friendly construction systems, we use the ICP construction system (Insulating Concrete Panels) that allows the construction of any type of building, from industrial and commercial premises to residential, as well as social housing at the lowest price, guaranteeing exceptional housing comfort. In addition to this, our ICP system provides thermal insulation. efficiency of the building, ensuring an optimal environment in each of the environments, it also has excellent insulation for noise reduction, offering harmony in the environments finished with the ICP system.​

The ICP (Insulated Concrete Panels) construction system is an avant-garde system and alternative to everyday systems, it has more than 35 years of successful experience, its essence is the expanded polystyrene panel enclosed by a double galvanized steel mesh, not prefabricated to be assembled in the place of the project adaptable to any measure and space that ends up covered with a layer of concrete selected according to the predestined use.

ICP (Insulating Concrete Panels) is a lightweight, versatile and flexible construction system with the best quality/cost ratio, with design and possibilities that go beyond the standards of reinforced concrete blocks.

The construction time of a project is shorter and more friendly to the environment, due to the considerable reduction in the use of wood.


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Before the concrete mortar is placed on top of the panels, the insulation and steel wire can be easily cut to allow concealed placement of plumbing and electrical lines. The laying of the systems is easy, fast and clean, since it does not require any masonry work. A heat gun can be used to melt the polystyrene prior to the placement of the electrical, communications and/or plumbing lines.

Once the components have been correctly positioned and the electrical and plumbing is in place, Structural Mortar is applied to the panel surface. A suitable mortar application equipment.

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  • Less construction time.

  • Greater resistance to winds and hurricanes.

  • Fire insulation.

  • Hurricane resistance.

  • Low prices.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Help the environment, no wood is used.

  • No pests like termites.

  • No Roof Leaks.

  • Structures with high seismic resistance.

  • Lighter and stronger constructions.

  • They are delivered in gray work with the option of personalized finishes.

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Reinforced concrete floor and ceiling components provide considerable advantages over other types of ceiling structures. They provide a lighter structure, superior insulation, no leaks or moisture, and fast assembly time.

• Easy transport and placement due to its low weight.
• Great durability since the color coating of both steels is silicone polyester over an epoxy primer.
• Excellent thermal insulation.
• Requires little support structure based on its low weight and high resistance to large distances between supports.

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