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Our mold inspection and testing services are based on our comprehensive knowledge of mold and mildew (black mold, black toxic mold, Stachybotrys, and other molds), as well as building construction, air circulation, construction materials, and heating, airflow, and air-conditioning systems.

We are experts at acquiring the proper type and quantity of samples sufficient to assess the presence of mold. We collect samples and maintain their accuracy using laboratory-grade measuring and collection instruments, so that when they are analyzed by our laboratory, you can be certain the findings are correct.

Moisture Detection


Wherever mold is found, moisture is present. Through evaluating the source of moisture and finding hidden causes of water absorption, we will guide our mold investigation to the most optimal areas. Where there has been water damage caused by a storm, spill, or natural disaster, we will investigate and assess the damage, as well as identify the presence of mold and make suggestions on the appropriate ways to restore the home or workplace to a healthier state.

Certified Mold Assessors

Certification, education, and experience are all highly regarded by us. All three are required to perform comprehensive mold inspections. Our inspectors, contractors, and project managers holds the credential of Certified Mold Inspector (NORMI). It is critical to retain the services of a professional and certified mold assessor to safeguard your liability, property, and health.

Infrared Technology: 

We boost our inspection services including FLIR infrared camera technology. This cutting-edge, non-invasive technology enables our inspectors to zone in on and classify possible moisture sources, allowing for more precise monitoring and sampling investigations. This enables us to draw conclusions and make action decisions in the inspection.

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We Have all Mold Related Service Licenses and Certifications to help our clients breathe easy and thrive safely in their home or work environment. You can trust Hankilevitz and Sons Inc. for any type of mold related problem so call us as soon as you suspect you could have mold and have peace of mind knowing that your family and loved ones are safe from mold. 

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Please call us at (305) 303-1196 South Fl. or (407) 409-9870 Orlando Fl. for any Mold Related Service.

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