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Insurance companies are quite complex to deal with. They are difficult and time consuming, as you must talk to them whenever something goes wrong. In addition to other things, leaks are covered under the insurance policy. These leaks are 100% covered by insurance. Our clients report that it is an extreme relief. Instead of worrying about paying to fix the leaks or finding the money, clients can just trust Hankilevitz and Sons Inc. as their restoration company. Our experts will get the job done.

Replace or restore?

It is better to repair items than to completely replace them. This will ensure that we can provide speedy assistance to customers. This skill helps you manage insurance claims efficiently.

Dedicated Professionals & experts` personnel

We are familiar with the ins and outs of insurance paperwork. We can guide you every step of the way ensuring your claim is filed properly and the proper legal work is completed..

Claims inventory

Our experts will create a detailed inventory of lost items. This list will be presented in a spreadsheet and will include specific reports and images where necessary.

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